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    Christa Thompson, President and CEO

    Christa Thompson is a multi-faceted professional with a proven track record of building strong partnerships and leading companies large and small to greater success, health and profitability. Her extensive entrepreneurial background includes within the last 5 years alone: acting Director of Operations and Customer Care for a highly successful online personal development company; partner and Chief Operating Officer of an organization spanning 6 offices, 50+ employees and over $2.3M in annual revenues; Founder of an online women’s inspirational Facebook community with over 273,000 members; and creator of print and digital publications across varied industry spectrums.

    Christa has also been acknowledged for her accomplishments as a thought-provoking Speaker, a sought-after Coach and Mentor, her expertise in community and team building and her creation of Vision Training programs for families, teams and organizations that has been responsible for immense and positive culture shifts, as well as personal transformations.

    Christa has assisted individuals in developing skills and strategies to profoundly improve relationships. She has a keen understanding of intention and motivation, while recognizing the complexity of human emotions and behavior. It is these skills that aided in her development and supervision of a youth-at-risk program focused on skills enhancement and increased self-esteem to secure and maintain sustainable employment; as well as family coaching and programming to reconnect parents and their children to their dreams, their purpose, and each other.

    While raising her son and leading a large company, Christa experienced a pivotal shift – a deep need to get to know herself, to deepen relationships, to find a community she could call her own where it would be safe to share and learn through what she knew would be a very personal and significant journey. In her instinctive entrepreneurial spirit, she created just such a community called Wild and Wise Women – based on the principles of self-love, acceptance, celebration and growth - that is now over 273,000 strong and growing every day.

    While Christa has enjoyed all of her professional roles, and is a talented singer/songwriter and Vocal Coach, her most fulfilling role has always been her role as a mother; and Christa is extremely proud of the young man she has raised. Christa lives in British Columbia, Canada; where her integrity and energy, coupled with her grace and laughter, make her a sought after leader and an inspiration to others. Christa is an inspiring example of a powerful and successful woman who is an innovator and a change maker ~ a leader with big ideas ~ a professional able to turn ideas into results ~ and a passion-filled high achiever who believes deeply that the investment in the self-esteem, growth and education of our girls has the capacity to impact the world.