How natural is Natural Radiance Series? Is it safe for sensitive or acne-prone skin?

Skinnygirl Natural Radiance Series is among the safest skincare regimens available. Its ingredients are 100% plant derived, vegan (containing no animal products or byproducts), paraben-free, sulfate free (SLS), and includes no silicones. It uses effective, non-chemical, naturally sourced extracts and botanicals to tackle your skin concerns and is exceptionally safe for sensitive and acne-prone skin.

Are Skinnygirl Age-Defying Products alcohol-free, soy-free, and gluten-free?

Skinnygirl Age-Defying Products are soy-free, and gluten-free. All Skinnygirl Age-Defying Products are also considered alcohol-free by industry standards, but contain Cetyl Alcohol and Cetearyl Alcohol which are naturally occurring forms of alcohol.

Do any of the products contain added fragrance?

No, we’ve only used essential oils for the scent which are also functionally active in anti-aging and promoting healthy, glowing skin.

What allergens do the products contain?

Skinnygirl Natural Radiance Series does contain Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil and all of our product pages disclose a full list of ingredients for you to view.

Do they contain any animal ingredients?

Skinnygirl Natural Radiance Series contains ZERO animal ingredients and does not test on animals.

Are they non-comedogenic (does not clog pores)?

Natural Radiance Series is 100% plant derived, so it does not clog pores and is easily absorbed by the skin. Other products clog pores due to thicker synthetic ingredients such as petroleum and minerals, meant to inexpensively bind the product.

I’m still young. Should I use products formulated for anti-aging?

It is never too early to care about your skin health and protection. Skinnygirl Natural Radiance Series is for all skin types and all ages.

In what order do I use these products?

For day/morning, we recommend:

  1. Skinnygirl Age-Defying Cleanser
  2. Skinnygirl Age-Defying Serum
  3. Skinnygirl Age-Defying Moisturizer (SPF 15)

The products are fast absorbing and non-sticky, therefore you can apply makeup immediately after applying the moisturiser.

At night, we recommend:

  1. Skinnygirl Age-Defying Cleanser
  2. Skinnygirl Age-Defying Face Treatment
  3. Skinnygirl Age-Defying Eye Treatment

How often should I use them? When will I see results?

Skinnygirl Natural Radiance Series is so natural, safe, and gentle, you can use each product of our series daily. Use them in order, both day and night, to give your skin the greatest benefit. Those with dehydrated skin will feel rejuvenation almost immediately, within hours. Others who stick to the regimen for 2-3 weeks will see more radiant skin, hydration, and even skin tone.

Does your cleanser remove makeup?

Our cleanser removes excess dirt and oil, and then also acts as a toner, restoring balance to your skin. If makeup is very heavy or products are especially stubborn during cleansing, you can try using a makeup removing liquid before using Skinnygirl Age-Defying Cleanser.

Will Natural Radiance Series products protect my skin from the sun? What are the SPF (Sun Protection Factor) ratings on these products?

Sweet Almond Oil, an ingredient found in Skinnygirl’s Natural Radiance Series, naturally protects your skin from the harsh effects of the sun, and our Skinnygirl Age-Defying Moisturizer has a Sun Protection Factor of 15.

Do these products expire?

Natural Radiance Series has a 3-year shelf life. Items should be discarded 12 months after opening product, by standards of USA and Australia.

Can I buy Natural Radiance Series elsewhere?

Currently, Skinnygirl’s beauty products and Natural Radiance Series are exclusive to and can’t be found anywhere else.

I want to share a testimonial. Where should I send it?

You’re welcome to help our community of women by leaving reviews on the appropriate product pages of our site or emailing your messages, photos, and videos to