Which Length Of Shorts Is Right For You?

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Quick Tips For Shorts Shopping

Have a pair you already love? Determine why they flatter you.

If you have a style of shorts in your wardrobe that you already love, put them on and make a mental checklist of the attributes that flatter you. Is it because of the material? The color? The length? This exercise will greatly help you pick out the best shorts for you and your comfort, which is most important!

Which part of your leg is most flattering? End your hem there.

Where your shorts are hemmed is where the viewers’ eyes will go so if you are not a fan of your knees, do not get a length that ends anywhere near your knees. If you love a part of your leg, be sure to get a pair of shorts that highlight that asset!


Shorts Lengths For Your Body Type

If you’re on the shorter side, short shorts will lengthen your legs.

When looking for the right pair of short shorts (not too short!), look for a pair with no less than a 3”-5” inseam. This measurement will give you adequate coverage and lengthen your legs the right amount. Avoid the rolled look because that will shorten your legs even more! Here are some Shop Skinnygirl Short Shorts:

Girlfriend Shorts - Burgess 

burgess shorts

Girlfriend Shorts - Kensington



Girlfriend Shorts With Slit - Southern Peach



If you’re plus size, opt for a Bermuda short.

Bermuda shorts are knee length or just above and can complement your shape while covering areas you are less comfortable showing. For added coverage of the tummy and backside, you can purchase Bermuda or knee-length shorts that are also mid or high-rise. Lengthen the legs and draw attention to your cute feet and calves with a comfortable wedge. More fitted knee-length shorts will likely look better than a looser fit, so also keep this in mind.


If you’re tall and slender, you can wear nearly any length short and look great.

Unlike short women, you CAN get away with the rolled shorts look and nearly any other style of shorts.

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Your safe bet? All body types look great in mid-length shorts.

Sometimes referred to as “walk shorts”, mid-length shorts suit all body types and end between the knee and thigh. They cover the thigh area which makes many women more comfortable and still elongate the legs because they don’t end at the knee, cutting your leg in half. Mid-length shorts are also more appropriate for all occasions. They can easily be dressed up with a heel or wedge, or dressed down with a cute pair of “walkers”. The inseam of mid-length shorts are typically 7-8”. Check out Shop Skinnygirl’s Mid-Length Shorts:


Mid-rise Long Shorts Pierced with Frayed Hem - Brisbane


Mid-Rise Long Shorts With Frayed Hem - Hudson