Which Color Season Are You? Personalized Color Palettes For Fashion

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As Shop Skinnygirl expands its color palette this coming Spring, so should you! But what colors look best on you? One concept can help: determining your color season. In this article, Shop Skinnygirl helps you determine if your skin tone is warm or cool, then if your features are light or dark. Then voila! You’ve got an artist’s color palette of hues that will make you look nothing short of spectacular!

You will either be a Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall/Autumn. 

Let's get started.

Are You Warm or Cool Skin Toned?

Some of you may already instinctively know which you are. Warm skin tones have a yellow undertone, while cool skin tones have a pink undertone. Having a natural or artificial tan may skew the results of these experiments, so be sure to use a part of your body that has had the least amount of sun exposure. Here are three ways to determine whether you have a warm or cool skin tone. 

  1. The easiest way to find out if you are warm or cool is to look at the veins in your wrist. Warm skin tones will make the veins there appear to be more green and cool skin tones are more likely to make these veins appear blue. Which are you? 

  1. If that did not help you determine if you are warm or cool skin toned, ask yourself which precious metal you look best in, silver or gold? Silver wearers are cool skinned and gold wearers are warm skinned.

  1. If at last you still haven’t determined your skin tone color, warm or cool. Put two different foundations on your face, one with yellow undertones (warm) on one side and one with pink undertones (cool) on the other. Which looks more natural?

Now, Do You Have Light Or Dark Features? 

Imagine the range of hair and eye colors. There are dark browns and light brown hair, as well as dark and light brown eyes. Being a brunette doesn’t automatically make you dark featured, so if you have dark brown hair, you are dark featured. But if you have light brown hair, you are light featured. 

Use your hair and eye color to determine whether you are dark or light featured and then combine the result with your skin tone color to find your season!!

Four Seasons… Of Fashion!


You are COOL skin toned and DARK featured

Winters can get away with wearing very deep, bold colors, even together. Think black and white, red and green. They also look great in an in-your-face pink. 

Winter Season Fashion Color Palette


You are WARM skin toned and LIGHT featured

Springs are simple- you look best in Easter egg colors. We’re not joking! And rock it because not every season can get away with them quite like you. Think bright, light colors like yellow, green, and coral.

   Spring Season Fashion Color Palette


You are COOL skin toned and LIGHT featured

Summers look best in light pastelish colors, but specifically the cool tones. Purples, blues, and lavender in between look excellent on you. Baby pinks and light grey also suit you well.

Summer Fashion Color Palette


You are WARM skin toned and DARK featured

Autumn types look best in all the earthy colors: grass green, pumpkin orange, tree branch brown, camel, mustard yellow, etc. 

Autumn & Fall Season Fashion Color Palette