What’s Different About Shop Skinnygirl?

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We’re glad you asked! There are several differentiators we’re excited to present you and make you a believer! Shop Skinnygirl is for you if… 

  1. You’re a (super)woman!
  2. You like high-quality products at reasonable prices
  3. You dig comfort that doesn’t compromise style


Bethenny says, “If you don’t feel good in it, you’re not going to wear it.” That's why she is extremely selective of the fabrics Shop Skinnygirl apparel is made of and how the designs fit. If they aren’t just right, they get chopped before production! 

No matter your preference, you’ll find jeans that hold you in all the right ways. The high and mid-rises really support your middle and a wide selection of tops give you a variety of lengths to play with. For ultimate comfort, Shop Skinnygirl has created ample styles of underwear, bras, and shapewear in different fabrics.

Comfort doesn’t end with apparel. Natural Radiance Series Anti-Aging Skin Care is 100% natural and safe for all skin types. Those who participated in our skin care testimonial program said their skin felt instantly soothed and hydrated (probably by its base, Aloe Vera!).

“I combined everything that I loved and created this line. Comfort was my #1 priority" 
- Bethenny Frankel on HSN


Brands often say they are inclusive of all types of women, but Shop Skinnygirl and Bethenny really walk their talk. Every season, Shop Skinnygirl drops new contemporary and plus size apparel. Because Skinnygirl has always been a sensible brand focused on healthy and happy living, it’s important we’re thinking of who will be using the products in the end and I think you’ll agree it’s paying off. Shop Skinnygirl reviews are posted in each product description, giving you the best idea of what buyers thought of each one!

In the end, Shop Skinnygirl strives to represent all women and give them what they need (with a little extra flair, of course.) so that they have one less thing to worry about!

Fine Details

At the affordable price point Shop Skinnygirl offers, the details of each design elevate basics into fashion-forward pieces you will reach for first day after day. 

Most Shop Skinnygirl customers don’t realize that each design also includes its wash name and in each description, you can read the fine details you may not first spot in the pictures. 

“Whiskers”, buttons, twists, patches, studs, and much more can be found scattered throughout the Shop Skinnygirl site and you’re bound to find something special, whether along the lines of basic or ultimately unique.

“I want you to look sexy. I want you to feel sexy because I don’t want anyone to hide their beautiful body.
All shapes, all sizes, all ages. It’s for everyone.” 
- Bethenny on HSN


Creating sensible products has been a staple concept of Skinnygirl since its inception. While that used to mean creating low calorie, delicious cocktails, it now means for Shop Skinnygirl that you will love investing in the products we offer because they are high-quality, easy to care for, and will last.

Most Shop Skinnygirl apparel has the same care instructions: Machine wash cold with like colors, tumble dry low.


It’s Bethenny Frankel!

Bethenny Frankel is as real as her products. It’s no wonder many of the Shop Skinnygirl customers are raving Bethenny fans! 

Her humble beginnings as a baker turned health food guru along with her well-known “tell it like it is” role on Real Housewives Of New York has served her well in regard to gaining trust quickly. 

When Bethenny puts her name out there, she means business and now everyone knows it! She’s even reached a level of success that allows her to be a guest angel investor on Shark Tank!

Expect all Bethenny Frankel’s products to have a story behind them, which makes shopping her products more inspirational and empowering!