Wardrobe Tips And Trends From Celebrity Stylists 2019

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Bethenny Frankel

 2020 is just around the corner and we know that trends from this year will inevitably penetrate the next, so we want to take this time to recognize the trends that made their way into our wardrobes this year, as well as examples from Bethenny’s.

Everyday moms and go-getters will love that comfort is most in style right now!

A Trend In Comfort

Practical footwear walked the runway this past year, worn with nearly every silhouette, even paired with evening gowns and other fine couture. Teva sandals and Doc Martin-style boots are the two most utilized practical foot covers. Here we see Bethenny taking advantage of this comfortable trend on two occasions where she is dressed to the nines head to ankle. 

Bethennnyl Casual Footwear


What do you think of this trend? Let us know in the comments! 

Knee-Length Bottoms and Bicycle Shorts

We haven’t seen much bicycle-length bottoms since the 90s and now that it’s made its comeback, we clearly don’t hate it at all! 

The placement of this hem looks great on virtually every body type and is appropriate for many occasions due to its longer length. You will see more business suits incorporating knee-length bottoms in 2020. That’s a fact!

Hand-Craft and Details

Crocheted styles and applique, hand-crafted detail and global influence are very on-trend. Bethenny loves details and includes them in some of the most basic wardrobe pieces on Shop Skinnygirl. Her personal wardrobe is full of all of the previously mentioned. Here are 2 of our favorite Bethenny dresses.

Bethenny Craft Dress 2

Bethennny Craft Dress

Masculine Meets Feminine

More and more women are finding themselves in places that were once only dominated by men, and to that, we say ‘There’s an outfit for that!’. It’s the adapted men’s suit and we’re going to see more and more reinventions to come!

Bethenny Masculine Ferminine


Millennial celebrity stylist, Scot Louie said “Forget the little black dress; the black blazer is a must.” in response to the Milq Mag interview question: ‘In your opinion, what is a quintessential item that every person should have in their closet?’ 

Shop Skinnygirl loves the versatility a black blazer offers. Louie goes on to give us 3 completely different ways to wear the blazer; “You can do so much with a black blazer. Go for sexy with no bra and no top. Go for studious with a fitted turtleneck. Go for street with jeans and a loose fitting tee.”. 


If mixing masculine and feminine is one concept, Androgyny is a close cousin that many want to give a try. “Sexy Tom Boy” is often a requested look, Scot Louie says. Not only are women looking to portray a vibe, but they are attracted to the comfort of the look.

It’s typically achieved by pairing a fitted item with another looser fit item. Here is a Bethenny example! 

Bethennny androgyny

The base of this outfit is a baggy camo, black tuxedo-striped pant that resembles a more male silhouette, while the black fitted faux turtleneck top shows off Bethenny’s figure. The further mix of masculine and feminine accessories and details add to the look. It all works quite well together.

P.S. This photo went fashion viral! Every woman wanted to know where to get Bethenny’s pants, so she made them herself for Shop Skinnygirl! Find her take on this style below. 


L.A. celebrity stylist, Ashley North’s go-to Fall 2019 outfit is the jumpsuit. What’s most clever about the jumpsuit is that it gives off ‘put-together’, but excuses you from having to curate multiple pieces together. We think it’s just brilliant!

Bethenny jumpsuit
Bethenny jumpsuit


Matching top and bottom print sets are another great alternative to the complexities of styling. Ashley North on practical styles for the wonder women of the world in a HEYMAMA interview, “It’s all about simplifying when you’re a working mom. Take the hard part out.”

North also endorses mixing the masculine and feminine to achieve a look you can feel confident and strong in! She recommends a black suit with jewel buttons or a silk shirt for that feminine touch.

Ample Storage… Built Into Your Ensemble

Briefcase Purses 

You know you want to bring it all everywhere you go sometimes… now you can, because carrying a briefcase-style purse is now in! 


Giant Pockets

Pockets, pockets, practical pockets. In jackets, in skirts, in dresses. Seeing the trend here? Even if it just looks practical, it’s vogue in 2019 (and likely 2020, too).