Tuxedo Stripes And Why You Should Try Them!

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Tuxedo Stripe Image


A new take on the man’s Tuxedo pant took to runways in Fall 2017. Marc Jacobs and Georgio Armani, among many others that year, were credited for reintroducing the Tuxedo stripe for women and the trend hasn’t faded well into the end of 2019. 

Here’s why. 

1. Stripes Are Classic

Perhaps one of the greatest prints with staying power in the fashion history is stripes and at a time when big prints are in, stripes are being re-invented and loved again, too. Pair a fashion classic like stripes with the classic tuxedo and you have a winner for an original look that’s still a little “safe”. This look isn’t going out of style anytime soon!

2. The Stripe Is So Versatile

Because a side stripe is associated with a sporty look or the classic tuxedo, you can dress this look up or down, making it a very versatile piece of clothing. Paired with a favorite tucked in t-shirt with some clean white sneaks and a jacket, you have a fresh day look. You can elevate the look by pairing it with a button-down shirt beneath a pull-over sweater that matches the color of your tuxedo stripe. Finish it off with flats or heels!

3. Stripes Are Slimming

If the last two selling points didn’t convert you, how about how slimming a vertical stripe can be! The long lining running down the outside of your leg won’t be distracting from the front but will be ultra-flattering when you turn to your side and move around. These jeans are show-stoppers in person!

Bethenny Frankel has had this tuxedo stripe as part of her Shop Skinnygirl collection since it’s official launch in September 2018. Fans and customers loved the first dark denim original, so it was brought back in spring in a lighter wash, Genesee With Red Stripe, and now you can find Shop Skinnygirl tuxedo stripes in many different styles, including on plaid and camo printed pants!

Here are two tuxedo stripe outfits that we at Shop Skinnygirl put together for you, one that’s for a sophisticated party or event and the other for an everyday, run your errands looking-beautiful-without-trying look.

Both outfits are available in plus and contemporary sizes!


Shop Skinnygirl Casual Outfit

Shop the Vivika French Terry Studded Pullover - Red in contemporary or plus sizes.

Shop the Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans Red Stripe - Sky Plaid in contemporary or plus sizes.


Shop Skinnnygirl Casual OutfiShop The Vivika French Terry Studded Pullover - Black in contemporary or plus sizes. 

Shop The Utility Jogger - Olive Night Camo in contemporary or plus sizes.