Memorable Shark Tank Moments With Bethenny Frankel

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Bethenny Frankel was a Guest Shark on ABC’s Shark Tank season 9 (episode 8 & 24) & season 10 (episodes 8 & 10) during 2017 & 2018. Here are some of our favorite moments!

First Time Swimming With Sharks

Bethenny has shared during many interviews how she came on the show a bit underestimated because of her Housewives of New York Personality. 

The show’s team warned her of the weight of these very real business people and deals. She laughed and stated, “I’ve been on the cover of a small magazine called Forbes. I might be able to hang, too.”

Jokes aside, she took her Guest Shark role seriously, looking first to Tech Shark, Mark Cuban, for guidance and developing a fast friendship. 

“In the breaks, they are playing full-on, old school hip hop,” Bethenny shared in February 2018. “Mark Cuban and I are rapping and dancing and having the best time.”

From the sounds of the pressures on set, the fun between takes is a necessity, as is the psychiatrists available to entrepreneur contestants before and after their pitches.

Investor Shark, Robert Herjavec adds during a Reddit “Ask Me Anything”, “We have a very powerful relationship with our money so ya, it gets serious. [The] tension is very real.”

So how did Bethenny’s first episode go? “Mark tried to shush me a couple times,” she says.


Bethenny Waxes Marks Arm, Then Gets Deal With Lori

no-mo stache

Payback is a ______! During her first episode as a Guest Shark, Bethenny demonstrates an on-the-go wax strip, No-Mo-Stache, on Mark Cuban’s arm after he asks Owner/Contestants, Jennifer and Gita, “Why don’t you just shave like the rest of us?”. If you shave instead of wax, the hair will grow back thicker! Understand?

Bethenny explains, “All the competitors that I have used in the past, they are very sticky, they get gooey… I just waxed his arm and it is very neat.” 

Frankel’s on-the-spot demonstration and testimonial, along with the company’s impressive numbers may have been responsible for their deal in the end. Bethenny and Lori Greiner gave the co-founder contestants $100,000 for 25% stake in the company, and a royalty of $1 per unit sold up to $200,000.

Bethenny Proves A Real Shark & Gets Yumble Deal

On Episode 8 Season 10, Bethenny comes back to Shark Tank with greater confidence than the last season. When Mr. Wonderful, Kevin O’Leary interrupted her during a pitch she had interest in, she holds her own, “No, I’m going to talk also! I’d like to say something, Kevin!”. 

The pitch was Yumble, a ready meal product for children that would compete with Lunchables. With great numbers and a business model that fits right in with Bethenny’s existing portfolio, Bethenny rolls the dice on a deal that Kevin and Mark were queazy about and offers Yumble $500,000 for a 15% share of their company, agreeing to be the spokesperson for the product, over a million-dollar value. 

Other Guest Shark, Rohan Oza, and Shark Vet, Lori Greiner throw an offer in as well, but Bethenny threatens to withdraw and Yumble creators go with the very fitting former natural food chef.

Bethenny’s Perfect Match: Snarky Tea

Snarky Tea

Bethenny’s Shark Tank track record is to bite on companies whose industry she knows a lot about and that she can see fitting her lifestyle and unique personality as well. 

She found the perfect deal in Snarky Tea from Season 9 Episode 8. Healthy teas fit with Bethenny’s former empire, Skinnygirl Cocktail’s mission and with names like “Nameste Motherf**ker" and "Fierce B*tch”, she couldn’t help but be drawn to make this deal happen!

She and Shark, Kevin O’Leary, who also enjoys unique twists on things already deeply established in our culture, joined to invest $150,000 for 25 percent equity in Snarky Tea.

Now that Bethenny has left RHONY, what do you want to see her do next? Let us know in the comments!