What Are Shaping Boyshorts For?

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From special occasion dresses, work clothes, or even just your favorite Skinnygirl Jeans and a beloved t-shirt, any outfit can be paired with shapewear comfortably and make you look great! Here are some things you should know about shapewear in general and more about a best-kept secret of ours, Shaping Boyshorts.

Shapewear Through The Times

Shapewear was a woman's wardrobe staple for hundreds of years before and has come a long way since. Once upon a time, shapewear compressed your body everywhere firmly causing the fat to escape the top or bottom of the garment. Nowadays, shapewear is safer and compresses in strategic placement rather than everywhere. This gives your shape a more natural silhouette and also relieves a lot of discomfort, allowing you to use shapewear more often!

The Necessary Cautions of Wearing Shapewear Regularly

The dangers of wearing too tight of shapewear too often can include blocked sweat glands, urinary tract infections or issues going to the bathroom, and damaged nerves or organs by over-compression. This can be avoided by choosing the right size for you. Squeezing into a size smaller will not make you look slimmer! In fact, it will do just the opposite and possibly cause you harm. Shopping with your bust, waist, and hip measurement will help you pick the right size for you and ensure you purchase a piece you'll love. If you find you want to wear them often, take note of how you feel in them. If any discomfort, let yourself breathe and evaluate your garment use.

Boyshorts- A Great Place To Begin!

Shaping Boyshorts are actually one of the best recommendations for women new to shapewear. Part of the reason is because this type is nearly the same to take off when using the restroom as underwear so you won't dread going to the bathroom! The stomach, hips, thighs, and butt are often problem areas for women and Shaping Boyshorts addresses them all! If you have bulk in your thighs and some extra around your midsection you'd like to see smoothed, Skinnygirl's Long Leg Boyshorts will target your thighs, hips, butt, and midsection. If you want to disguise panty lines and unwanted texture or simply cover your private parts beneath a dress, the Regular Length Boyshort will do the trick.

Skinnygirl's Seamless Shaping Boyshort 2 Pack, 2 Lengths!

Skinnygirl Shaping Boy Shorts

Beneath dress or pants and tops, Shaping Boyshorts will smooth your silhouette and enhance your natural shape. For maximum comfort, you get two different styles of boyshorts, one regular length and one long for extra shaping of the thigh. Both have double layer waistbands for the best tummy control. As previously mentioned, be sure to measure your bust, waist, and hips to purchase the correct size for you and enjoy your new wardrobe staple!