What Panty Style Is Best For Your Butt?

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We’ve talked plenty about dressing your body types in our blogs, but we haven’t addressed the different booty types. There are 4 main types of booty: the heart, square, round, and inverted. Let’s talk about what these 4 look like, so you can determine which booty you have!

Heart-Shaped Butt

A heart-shaped butt looks like just that, an upside-down heart. Its fullness (where there is most fat) collects at the bottom of the butt and you’ll typically have a narrow waist at the top. Most heart-shaped booties belong to pear-shaped women. 

Square-Shaped Butt

Square-shaped butts have an even amount of fullness at the top, center, and bottom of the booty, which makes it visually look more flat which may not actually be the case. Without the narrow waist of the last booty type mentioned, it’s hard to determine where the back ends and the butt starts. Square-shaped butts are often shared among rectangular shaped women.

Round Butt

Round butts are bubble butts. They have fat in all areas of the booty and you can clearly see where the booty begins and the back ends, unlike the tapering effect of the heart-shaped butt and the square-shaped butt. 

Inverted (Triangle) Butt

Inverted butts have most of the fat distributed at the top of the booty and taper down. This booty type is often shared with women who have broader shoulders and narrow hips (like the inverted triangle body type). Many models have this booty type.


Now that you’ve discovered which type of booty you have, all equally fantastic, what panty styles will you look and feel best in?


Heart-Shaped Butt

First of all briefs and boyshorts should be the last type of panty on this bum. This is because the extra coverage will add bulk to the already well-endowed tush. Instead, opt for a cheekier style or thong, especially with detail in the top center so the eye is drawn upward.

These bikini-style panties will be cheekier than a brief or boyshorts, so they won’t add too much bulk to your shape, and the subtle detail of the Skinnygirl waistband will draw the eyes upward. This 5 pack provides you plenty of variety that will make your sweetheart butt look phenomenal!

Cotton Thong Panty

These panties have a more prominent Skinnygirl logo waistband that will draw the eye upward and give you a visual butt lift! It comes in a great color and print variety that will provide you both sexy and cute in the same pack.

Square-Shaped Butt

Because square booties appear to be flat, you want to create the illusion of more curves. You can achieve this by wearing cheekier styles and higher rises. Additionally, lace or print (instead of a solid color) will give the illusion of a more curvy bottom, too.

Your best Skinnygirl styles would be...

Panties - 3The high-waisted panty in the perfect size will make your booty look lifted and this 3-pack comes with a black with white polka dot pair that is exactly what this blog ordered! These are also shapewear, so they will be really supportive additions to your underwear drawer!

Here’s another colorway of extra high-waist briefs…

Extra-High Waist Seamless Shapewear Laser Brief Panty - 3 Pack

Extra High Waist Seamless Shapewear Laser Brief Panty - 3 Pac

Not keen on trying high-waist? This bikini style will be cheekier than a brief, and although it comes in 3 solid colors, the mesh design will do wonders for your shape visually!

Laser Micro & Mesh Bikini Panties - 3 Pack

Round Butt

Round butts are treated very similarly to heart-shaped booties. They look best in cheeky and thong styles of underwear because any more coverage and there would be lots of extra bulk (visually and literally, extra fabric beneath your clothing). It’s difficult to fully cover a round butt anyway.

With a round butt, you want to give the illusion of more booty on the sides to balance out the center, where your butt is fullest.

Look for styles that rest high on the booty, such as those styles with wide leg holes. Thongs and “minikinis” are also great options which are between a thong and a bikini in cheekiness.

Our Skinnygirl selections for you are…

Shop Skinnygirl Black Stamped Laser Cut Thong Panty - 3 Pack

These laser cut panties will be as comfortable as ever. We love the color and prints available in this style. 

For another colorway, check out this product listing: 

Laser Thong Panty With Skinnygirl Waistband - 3 Pack

Laser Thong Panty with Skinnygirl Waistband - 3 Pack

A full booty can get away with a dark colorway like this 3 pack. The hipster coverage is between a bikini and a brief, so in the right size,  it will enhance your full-figured booty:

Seamless Hipster Panty with Mesh Sides - 3 Pack


Inverted (Triangle) Butt

Congratulations! You are the only booty type that gets away most with wearing boyshorts and full coverage panty styles! We recommend avoiding anything high-waisted which will accentuate the lack of fat in the bottom of your butt. Lace or detailing around the leg holes highly encouraged!

Here are some really fun Shop Skinnygirl suggestions for you:


This is our favorite recommendation for your booty type! The eye is drawn everywhere on this panty design other than where you want it, at the lower half of your booty. It has a cool but sophisticated athletic style to it and has the Skinnygirl branding we love. 

Seamless Brief Panty - 3 Pack

These are so much fun with the Skinnygirl brand band in an atypical placement, the leg holes! 

Cotton Shortie Panty with Skinnygirl Waistband - 3 Pack

This panty pack includes a print that can only be found in our cotton undie packs. You will love the comfort and style of this boyshort-style underwear.

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