Natural Vs. Synthetic Hair Care

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For far too long, we’ve widely accepted mostly synthetic made hair care products. We’ve made peace with dryness, dandruff, and a less than healthy mane. Now Shop Skinnygirl is making the declaration: Scalp health is important and beautiful, full, and resilient hair is possible!


Shop Skinnygirl Hair Care

Synthetic Alternatives

Contains only safe nutrients your hair needs

Can affect other parts of your body; breath interruption, headaches, and rashes

Natural ingredients combined with your hair’s natural process restores hair growth and thickness (at a faster rate even) and never hinders it

Can cause hair loss

Heals the scalp without side effects

Can cause scalp damage by clogging pores and promoting dandruff

Facilitates greater hair health and appearance; shinier, smoother, and stronger strands

Leaves behind harmful residue and causes build up

Truly cleanses, allowing the scalp to breathe

Strips hair’s dirt and grime but also its natural nutrients

More easily allows hair to withstand frequent heat and styling


Make the switch today and experience what women have been discovering with Shop Skinnygirl every day!


Experience Ultimate Hair Health And A Lucious Appearance 

 Synthetic products damage our scalps and hair follicles by stripping the hair of its oils needed for continued growth and then providing open pores with chemicals that eventually clog them completely. This clogging action then creates a dry, infertile environment for hair growth and rejuvenation, and the dryness becomes unsightly dandruff.

The absorption of chemicals through our scalp’s pores pose a risk to our overall health, not just that of our hair. Not only do most regular shampoos irritate and disrupt our oil gland’s natural ability to maintain hair and scalp health, they reduce the size of your hair follicles and lead to hair loss and thinning. Even products claiming to promote hair growth especially have been found to cause more damage than good.

More natural hair care products, like Shop Skinnygirl’s Lemon Myrtle Shampoo and Conditioner duet, only provide your hair with the vital nutrients and support it needs to do its natural thing!

Natural shampoos penetrate the existing build up, cleanse the scalp gently, and revitalize damaged hair follicles. Shop Skinnygirl’s hair care products, in particular, restore moisture with Aloe Vera and make your scalp the ultimate foundation for fuller hair, stronger strands, and the shiny, healthy appearance you’ve always wanted!

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Shop Skinnygirl Hair Care uses organic ingredients and is free from all Parabens, SLS, Propylene Glycol, and Petrochemicals. Our products are not tested on animals. All Shop Skinnygirl beauty products are Aloe Vera based for 4 times the hydration of water-based products and 8 times faster.


Skinnygirl Nourish & Hydrate Shampoo (Lemon Myrtle)

Our Natural, Nourish & Hydrate Shampoo is fast acting with key ingredients of essential oils, fruit extracts, vitamins, and antioxidants. This unique combination of botanicals also cleanses and detoxifies the scalp. It detangles and adds shine to hair while stimulating healthy hair growth.

It is normal for your hair to feel squeaky clean and slightly dry while washing because our product does not contain synthetic Silicones.


Skinnygirl Nourish & Hydrate Conditioner (Lemon Myrtle)

Our Natural, Nourish & Hydrate Conditioner’s key ingredients are essential oils, fruit extracts, vitamins, and antioxidants. This unique combination of botanicals softens and detangles the hair adding shine and luster while restoring your hair and scalp’s natural PH balance.

Please use our natural conditioner on the scalp. It assists balancing the PH to treat and heal the scalp of its history with harsh chemicals. It will not create oiliness as it does not contain synthetic silicones which block the pores.

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