Keep Your Faux Tan Off Your Clothes, Bedding, And Furniture

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Shop Skinnygirl looooovveess white! And after we received such a response to our blog, ‘How Do You Keep White Pants White?’, we realize you do, too! We figured some of our friends might also enjoy spray tans or faux tanning products and may need a little extra-special advice on how to keep your glow off the stuff you love!

Tip #1: Prep Your Skin Properly Before Tanning

 If you get professionally spray tanned often, you likely already know how to host the best conditions for the product to adhere to your body and look great. This part is also essential for keeping your faux tan on your body and NOT on every light colored piece of clothing you wear or furniture you sit on!

For D.I.Y. Glowers and occasional spray tan tryers, we’ll refresh you!

It’s best to remove body hair, exfoliate, and cleanse the skin with non-moisturizing body soap well before your appointment or application time. The day before is best.

You can moisturize after you’ve showered and prepped your skin, but it should have plenty of time to fully absorb before your appointment or application time. Don’t use an oil-based or heavy moisturizer before or after your tan as it doesn’t combine well with tanning products, causing removal and blotchiness.

Tip #2. Self-Tan Before Bed & Sleep In Dark Clothing

After you’ve spray tanned or used a product to give yourself a glow, let it fully dry 5-10 minutes. Then you need to allow it to fully set for 8 hours. This is why it is best to do it just before bed when you don’t have places to go and things to do. Wear loose black clothing so that none of your light clothes or bedding get stained while you sleep and set!

Tip #3. Avoid Sweating During Development

Every spray tan or self-tanning product has a period when the pigment is developing. This happens even after your initial 8-hour setting period, so you will want to avoid sweating (or any moisture) that may cause streaking and unevenness. Sweating and moisture can also lift the product and allow it to transfer onto things. If you want added security, you can pick up a body powder and apply it lightly to absorb any moisture you might come into contact with. You can shower 16-24 hours after you’ve applied product/spray tanned and then you should not have it transfer to clothes, furniture, or bedding any longer!

Tip #4. D.I.Y.ers, Choose The Right Product and Use It The Right Way

It’s tempting to use products labeled for working instantly, but these products are the most likely to rub off onto things. It’s best to use something labeled for gradual development. It will look better and it will work with your body’s chemistry instead of sitting on your skin’s surface.

It’s also tempting to apply a ton of the product, but it’s best to put a liberal amount in your hands that will glide over the skin evenly. Apply it in long, thin strokes until it is absorbed. Any product that goes unabsorbed is likely to adhere to your clothing, bedding, and furniture- so work incrementally.

Tip #5. If You’ve Stained Something, Here Is How To Treat It

Take a deep breath. Most tanning products have thought about staining and developed their product to lift from fabrics easily. Try the following steps to recover your beloved items.

If possible, turn the item inside out and run cold water through the back of the stain. This should gently lift the particles away from the article and push them away from the fabric.

Wash the item in a water and laundry detergent solution. In a pinch, dish soap will do. Using a finger, work the solution into the stain. Rinse and repeat as necessary.

Launder in your machine as usual, however, do not dry on high heat or sun dry as the heat may bake in a stain that hasn’t fully come out.

If furniture is involved, use water and dish detergent with a sponge and work from the stain’s outside to its inside to avoid making it larger.

There you have it! You CAN have a glow AND wear white (after 16-24 hours). Here are some Shop Skinnygirl fashions for your newfound freedom:


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