What To Pair With Light, Medium, And Dark Wash Jeans

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Jeans Washes

If we recommend just one blog post about jeans from our arsenal, this is a must-read!

You likely purchased most of your jeans based on how they fit. This blog will make you look at your jeans pile in a whole new light: their wash (light, medium, or dark) and how they fare and pair with different colored tops. 

Let’s get started. 

Dark Wash

Dark denim with few details is a wardrobe staple because of its versatility and ability to look formal. Top colors that go well with dark denim include light denim (yes!), neutrals like khaki, primary colors and navy blue. We’re partial to red though!

Here is Bethenny in dark denim with all the colors of the rainbow.

Bethenny Frankel Dark Wash Jeans


Care Tips: All dark jeans, especially black, are vulnerable to fading with each wash. You can avoid the fading by not washing your jeans after every wear and by turning them inside out when you wash them!

Our favorite, most versatile dark denim jeans for you include:


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Don’t forget to take advantage of the fact that you can wear denim on denim with a dark wash. 

Here are some Skinnygirl jackets to consider: 

Medium Wash

Medium wash or mid-wash is not dark, not light; it’s somewhere in the middle of the denim color spectrum. This wash is one you can get away with the most details and styling, such as fades and “whiskers”, but this type of jean may force you to try on top after top to get the color pairing just right. 

Medium wash denim safely goes with gray, black, white, and brown. If you want to wear color with medium wash jeans, you can’t go wrong with pastels. It can also be paired with green, which balances out the medium blue, no matter what shade it is.

Don’t be afraid to play with textures when topping your medium wash jeans! Wearing a layered look or a top with more texture will add more interest.

You can imagine this Bethenny outfit looking really great with a medium wash jean, right?

Bethenny Frankel Medium Wash Jeans

Be Your Own You, Skinnygirl’s Delancy and ‘Shark Bite’ Style Jeans are a fan favorite for medium wash denim. 


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Light Wash

Thanks to being in an era where fashion inspiration is drawn from almost every other time period, light wash denim is still a very cool look (Thank you, 90s!). 

It’s very easy to imagine acceptable outfits for a light wash when you consider looks you’d find at the skate park, especially if your light wash includes ripped styling. You can pair your jeans with a band shirt, or an artistic hoodie or sweatshirt.

A simple summer go-to is wearing your light wash with a white t-shirt and white tennis shoes.

Here is Bethenny in white on light and it looks so refreshing and classy. Don’t you think?

Bethenny Frankel Light Wash Jeans

If you’re having a hard time choosing a top to go with your light wash denim, you can visit the opposite side of the spectrum entirely and pair your denim with something you’d otherwise wear with dark bottoms. Your light denim will welcome the contrast. 

Genessee is our ‘house’ light wash and tuxedo stripes are a Skinnygirl signature style, so you may try our Genesee with Red Stripe Look.

Nervous to try this style? Don’t be! Stripes are classic, lengthening, and work well in all occasions! Read our blog post, ‘Tuxedo Stripes And Why You Should Try Them!

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Thank you for reading! Do you gravitate toward a certain wash? Let us know your go-to wash and what you pair it with!

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