Bethenny Calls For Hurricane Relief Support Through BStrong

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This week, Hurricane Dorian has caused insurmountable damage to the district of the Abaco Islands and continues to torment anything that stands in its path. Brave volunteers on private boats and jet skis have been working around the clock to rescue dozens of residents who have been swimming and holding onto the roofs of their homes. The US has also sent helicopters and assistance to the Bahamas, while preparing for its own threat by Dorian. 

Florida has seen a fortunate right-turn by the storm and experts expect the storm to soften its impact in the coming days, however, tropical storm warnings urge anyone on the coastline to stay out of harm’s way and remain attentive to emergency instruction.

Bethenny Frankel and her organization BStrong have not wasted any time in responding to this time-sensitive emergency situation. Bethenny Frankel and BStrong is gearing up to provide supplies, medical aid, transportation and more to those affected by the storm. In the last 24 hours, she reported on her Instagram (@Bethennyfrankel) “thanks to you, our warehouse is filling up and we are working to send 2k lbs of relief to Sandy Point in South Abacos”. She’ll continue to report how BStrong’s donations are being used in real-time via her Instagram stories.

Since the birth of BStrong in 2017, millions have been raised and distributed to victims of natural disasters around the world in the form of gift cards, emergency aid, food, and shelter, in partnership with notable charities such as Delivering Good and Global Empowerment Mission. 100% of BStrong donations go directly to helping individuals and families in areas affected by natural disaster with none taken for administrative or overhead expenses. All funds donated to GEM in this partnership are restricted to delivering supplies to affected populations.

BStrong has provided aid on the ground of several hurricanes before including Hurricane Maria, however, Bethenny reported seeing “damage worse than what I witnessed in Puerto Rico”.