How Do You Keep White Pants White?

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Have you ever avoided fashions simply because you thought the garment care involved would be too much?

The name of the summer game is to wear white pants, but you can’t because:
how do you keep white pants white?

The answer is more simple than you think and Shop Skinnygirl is here to help you push past this safe zone and shine this Spring and Summer in stark white!

“I still remember when I was in middle school, I had white jeans on. This was back when black eyeliner was popular and we had to "soften" the liner with a lighter/flame. (Dating myself, I know). And as a teen, I used to wipe my hands on my jeans. I had black eyeliner on my fingers and forgot I had white pants on and wiped my fingers on my jeans. Oh...I was horrified!!”  - Amber, Shop Skinnygirl

Even if you think you’ve mastered cleaning white jeans or pants, expert cleaners say you’re probably doing it wrong. They say no, no, no, absolutely not to dryers, stain pens, soaking, scrubbing, or bleach!

1. Wash Less Often and Use Natural Detergent

Bleach, even color-safe bleach, and vinegar will not keep your whites whiter. It actually causes white clothing to yellow over time. It’s best to use a natural cleanser and wash these bottoms less frequently so that the integrity of the fibers are maintained. You should wear this fashion five times before washing it if you want to maintain the brightest white. And don’t forget to wash them alone or only with other whites!

2. Shower With Them!

This may seem unorthodox, but showering with your jeans hanging at the far end of your steamy stream will gently lift stains between washes and tighten them just enough to make them fit snug again during your next wear.

3. Know Your Stain Science

It’s common to freak out when you’ve acquired an unusual stain, but there is a science to lifting different stains. Always apply these cleaning elements by dabbing the stain first, inside and out, rubbing the element into the stain and then thoroughly rinsing it out.

  • For coffee and grass, use dish soap.
  • For ink, use glycerin-based soap.
  • For red wine, use hydrogen peroxide.

4. Do The Rinsing In Hot Water

Rinsing in the correct temperature of water is also a science. 85 degrees is the ideal temperature to treat a stain, any hotter and you may make the stain more permanent. Use the water temperature you would shower in.

5. Stop Drying

If you choose to dry your white jeans or pants in the dryer, always inspect the pair first. If they still have a stain you’d worked on, re-treat and wash again to avoid baking the stain further into the fibers. Air drying or using a low heat setting are your safest choices. Heat combined with your detergents, especially unnatural detergents, can cause yellowing and the further breakdown of fibers. 

6. Accept Off-White

It’s not realistic to expect your jeans to maintain that crisp stark, new white like when you’ve purchased them. That’s okay! White jeans and pants look best worn into a milky white anyway. Embrace when they’ve reached this stage!

These are Shop Skinnygirl’s safest tips, but keeping white jeans or pants white isn’t an exact science so feel free to adjust and experiment with these tips and your pairs. The reason this isn’t an exact science is due to variables like your washer, detergent of choice, and the fabric your pants are made of.

Although Shop Skinnygirl’s white bottoms are all made up of different fabrics, their care instructions are similar across the board: Machine wash cold with like colors, tumble dry low, warm iron when needed.

Simple, right? You can do this!

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