Fun New York Street Fashion Principles To Try

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New York was the 3rd established colony in early America (1626), so the East Coast has become the “Big Sister” of many things in America. Because of this, you could say fashion was basically born and evolved from there.  

New York is synonymous with fashion and that’s why much of the country (and the world!) look to the streets and residents of New York for THE trends of the season! 

Carrie Bradshaw, anyone? Love her!

We went through a photo gallery of hundreds of participants willing to be photographed for their outfits and collected the best “stand-out”, flattering, original, and common fashion trends to bring you this blog post.

Get Fancy!

Statement Pieces

Wearing items that are louder than normal can make a basic outfit POP! We’re talking about necklaces, earrings, handbags, and other accessories. The safest way to try this look is to get a necklace that demands your attention and spans your collar area. Wear it over a solid colored-dress with a high neckline.

Statement Pieces Jewelry Shop Skinnygirl

Glamorous With Sneakers

This trend is getting lots of attention! You can even find it on Hollywood’s red carpet events and nightclubs that allow it. Wearing your most glamorous dress or pantsuit with sneakers can give a youthful, motivated, and ready-for-anything vibe.

Glamorous with sneakers, glamorous with tennis shoes, glamorous with trainers

T-Shirt With Designer Heels

Likewise, you can reverse the last suggestion and wear your most glamorous high heels with the most casual look you can think of... a t-shirt!. Seeing a cropped t-shirt, jogger sweatpants, and Louboutins is no longer considered a unicorn. This trend is everywhere!

Break The Rules!

Mix High-End With Casual

The last two trends both mix glam and casual, which we are suggesting here, in general. Maybe you wear a diamond necklace with a tank top sporting your favorite charitable organization’s message and logo. Maybe you wear a sophisticated up-do and leisurewear tracksuit. Maybe you wear an evening gown with pigtails or a French braid. You get it!

We also want to mention the fashion trend, Hi-Low Fashion. This trend is just about mixing very expensive items with less expensive items (not necessarily casual items like the last suggestions mention), to make a look more expensive. You’d often never know the difference!

Mix And Match Prints Thoughtfully

When you want to be perceived as the creative type, you can easily get away with mixing and matching prints like the easiest combo to try, stripes and florals. Go in your closet and try it! 

The Slip Dress

Slip dresses (otherwise known as nightgowns!) have hit the scene. This is a really fun, inexpensive, and romantic-looking try. Gowns are often made of silk and have lace detailing, but you can experiment with other looks, too.

The slip dress, slip dress, satin dress, wedding dress, out and about outfits

Get Creative With Colors & Prints!

Monochromatic Outfits

This one is one of our favorites! Monochromatic outfits inevitably make you look so put together and luxurious, as if you were styled by someone. Play around with the primary colors in your wardrobe and see how many outfits you can come up with. Then try swapping out one item from each outfit with a print!

monochromatic outfit, all white outfit, white pants, white jacket, business casual, dress to impress

Wearing Spring & Summer Palettes In Winter

Winters can be long in certain parts of the country and New York is no exception. New Yorkers don’t let the weather prevent them from wearing Spring and Summer clothes and colors in the cold season. All over New York in the wintertime, you can see leggings beneath short skirts and shorts, still worn with strappy sandal heels!

Wear light or bright colors in the winter and notice how it makes you feel. A monochromatic version of this suggestion would be even better!

Pastel Pink in the winter, winter apparel, fighting the winter blues

Take Inspirations From Your Surroundings (Street Art, Buildings, Etc)

Consider your city or specifically, where you’ll be for the day, and take inspiration from landmarks and architecture or history. 

On-lookers will appreciate your effort, so expect lots of compliments!

Let Your Shoes Steal The Show!

Tall Boots With Long Skirts

Stay warm, combine the masculine and feminine, and make a statement by wearing boots with a long skirt. 

Baggy Pants & Heels

Here’s a Bethenny Frankel favorite! Wearing a baggier pant with heels can casual down an outfit and make you more approachable or soften an interaction you might have that day. Consider wearing a tighter fit on top to add balance to the outfit, something the human eye finds aesthetically pleasing.

Cute outfits, baggy pants and heels, streetwear, urban outfits, urban style, city fashion

Over-sized Clothes With Pointy Toe Heels

Some fashionistas aren’t too keen on trying pointier toed heels, but they do an excellent job of elongating the legs. Over-sized clothing that conceals the shape of the body has become a trend in recent years and we’ve seen many New Yorkers pairing this look with pointy toes! 

If you’re not ready to dive into a strong point, go for a more rounded point!