3 Pieces Of Shapewear Every Woman Needs

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A perfect piece of shapewear is something that is almost seamless and provides you great comfort.

Whether it is an important corporate meeting, girls night out, or a romantic date, you need a comfortable garment that seamlessly tucks into your attire and makes you feel 100 times more confident!

There are countless cuts and styles, so let this blog serve as a guide for purchasing your shapewear staples.

Shaping Boyshorts

This exceptional undergarment gets its name from the men's boxer shorts.

Today, you can purchase shaping boyshorts that offer you excellent coverage of your back, as well as your legs.

The best part about shaping boyshorts is it goes well with any outfit – be it skirts in the summers or ski pants in winters. You can even use it as nightwear.

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High Waist Briefs

Like shaping boyshorts, high-waisted briefs offer coverage for your back and almost disappears beneath your outfit.

One of the best features of high-waisted briefs is that they feel like underwear, but still look sexy.

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Waist Cincher

Waist Cinchers have become extremely popular in recent years, so they are a wardrobe must-have!

Some women wear them to the gym while working out for support or to promote a greater sweat, but the waist cincher we recommend is designed to smooth your curves seamlessly beneath any outfit.

The best part of waist cinching shapewear is their ability to improve your posture by providing support and making you more conscious of how you hold yourself.

Some women report other benefits of wearing waist cinchers such as relieving cramps and back pain; however, it's imperative you wear the correct size and aren't uncomfortable in the waist cincher you purchase.

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Waist Cincher 2-Pack


Why Shop Skinnygirl Shapewear

Shop Skinnygirl offers affordable, easy to care for shapewear wardrobe essentials.

At a $28.00 to $42.00 price range, you'll get multiple pieces in colors that are sure to blend well underneath your clothing choices.

Zoom in on the compression designs and you will love them!

Like all Shop Skinnygirl garments, they will also be exceptionally comfortable.

Simply machine wash cold and tumble dry low!