6 Ways To Dress Up Jeans

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Bethenny Wearing Jeans

Jeans are the most common piece of clothing among women.

The easiest looks probably include a pair of jeans and we're sure you have at least 2 or 3 pairs.

Believe it or not, jeans can also fit nearly any dress code when coordinated correctly!

Jeans can often look plain, but this article will help you rock a jeans look and stand out from those around you in the best way possible!

If you are wondering how, here we present 6 easy ways to dress up jeans and look fantastic on any occasion and even better, without having to make a major effort.

A Jacket

A Jacket can be the perfect option if you want to keep it simple and still look amazing during winter or autumn time!

Besides, there are so many different options to choose from that we can assure you that you won’t ever get bored of this look. Our favorites are denim, army, and leather jackets.

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Denim Jacket

A Blazer

We tend to think about blazers as a more formal piece of clothing, but you can dress a blazer with jeans up and down to the occasion. They have this amazing ability to make you look smart and easy-going at the same time.

For your consideration, dark denim without any “styling” is often the most professional looking pair of jeans.

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Bryant plus jeans


High Heels

If you are wondering how to transform your casual “going-for-a-quick-lunch” look into something more sophisticated and seductive, heels can be the answer.

The right pair of cropped jeans with heels is a very sexy combination (perfect for a date!).

It will also make your legs look longer than they are.

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Earrings, bracelets, or beautiful necklaces are usually the first option when we are looking for accessories to elevate our outfit, and that’s okay.

Most women have plenty of options to choose from; However, there are so many other options you can add to improve your perfect “jeans” look: Scarfs, belts, handbags, sunglasses, and even make-up.

A Pair Of Boots

Ankle, chelsea, combat, rider, and even rain... All these different boot types have something in common: they all go great with jeans!

They are also just as versatile as jeans, which means you can use them for so many different occasions and in so many different ways.

For example, if you’re feeling like wearing a sexy outfit, over-the-knee boots can be the fashion item you’re looking for.

Rainy weather? Nothing to worry about, rain boots are the answer.

Want to look both smart and sexy without having to try too hard? Don’t think it twice, ankle boots are exactly what you are looking for.

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Pulling Off The Cowgirl Look

The country look has been around so long and has always found a way to reinvent itself to stay on trend.

Try adding a belt to your jeans, with a plaid button down shirt. It's totally acceptable,and even recommended, to add some bling. A blingy hairpiece, a piece of jewelry, or a brooch will add a much needed and fashionable element of surprise.

Don't be shy. Give it a try!

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Straight Cabrini

White Jeans

We all love classic blue jeans, but a pair of white skinny jeans will make you look both elegant and sophisticated in an effortless way.

They are way dressier than classic jeans but also really easy to mix.

This is the perfect item if you’re looking to create a smart and simple outfit for a work-related or semi-formal event.

If you don’t already have a pair of white jeans in your wardrobe we strongly suggest you purchase them next!

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[Insert some different options] We should make a 'white collection'

Nervous to give white a try? Hundreds of women went white after we published our blog 'How Do You Keep White Pants White?'. 

You might be thinking, “There’s no way to go wrong with jeans!”. Despite jeans being a classic and one of the most versatile clothing options, there are some common mistakes that you don’t want to make.

Avoid These Fashion Faux Pas

Oversized Jeans

Although a pair of oversized jeans can be great for a casual – and very comfortable- outfit, it can be too much when they are matched with an oversized top and/or jacket and it will probably make you look a bit sloppy.

Jeans should also look smooth and straight, not bunchy, so if you plan on wearing boots, wear a skinny jean that will fit inside them snuggly.

Rolling Jeans Vs. Cropped

Rolling up your skinny jeans was “in” a couple of seasons ago, but the truth is that cropped jeans are a better option now.

Lacking Creativity

Avoid wearing the same top and shoe color as your jeans. Switch it up! Take a risk! Try something new!