Capsule Wardrobe Tips We Can Take From Men

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Capsule Wardrobe

Bethenny Frankel’s Skinnygirl brand was built on the concept of being ‘Sensible’; affordable and effective with little high-end details she calls ‘a little extra flair’. 

Did you know Shop Skinnygirl designs are meant to be mixed and matched together? 

Yes! Every item was designed with the versatility to pair easily with any other Shop Skinnygirl apparel items. 

Have you ever considered creating a ‘capsule wardrobe’?

For those who don’t know what that is… A capsule wardrobe is a wardrobe made of fewer items that are classic and versatile enough to wear together in countless ways and for all occasions.

This requires items to be:

✓ Versatile. The more versatile the item, the better it will serve your capsule wardrobe.

Solid and/or Neutral Colors (and only prints that go with them)

✓ Appropriate for your lifestyle. Consider what you’ll need.

✓ High-Quality. Quality is necessary to make your capsule wardrobe items last!

Men have pretty minimal wardrobes like a capsule wardrobe. Why and how are their wardrobes so small and still getting the job done? For a number of reasons, men are less likely to become slaves to fast fashion and they think of their wardrobes more in terms of being practical than a growing collection. 

So adapted from mens’ capsule wardrobes, what do we really need? Let’s take some notes from our brothers to create a small capsule wardrobe today.

Black Pants

Black pants can serve you in a business situation, especially Shop Skinnygirl’s Dante Black Rinse Skinny Jeans. These will be so comfortable, you can wear them day and night, or for work or fun.

Dark Wash Denim

Dark wash denim jeans are a must-have because they fall into the business casual category, so you can get away with wearing them for several occasions. The Lexington Straight Jean or Skinny Jeans in Bryant would be great choices for a capsule wardrobe.

A White Shirt

White, if you can keep them clean (see our blog ‘How Do You Keep White Pants White?’), make some of the best wardrobe staples because they always look dressy and more expensive. Men should have a white button-down and tee, so why shouldn’t we?

A Colored Shirt

This shirt selection is going to set the tone for your mini capsule wardrobe. Any prints you introduce after this piece should go well with the color you choose. What is a color you are most drawn to? What color do you have most in your wardrobe currently?

Browse our selection of shirts here! 

A Jean Jacket

Jean jackets now can be dressed up or down for most occasions and serve both men and women as wardrobe staples. That’s why Shop Skinngirl comes out with multiple great jacket designs every season!

White Sneakers, A Boot-Style (and A Pair of Versatile Heels)

We applaud the men’s wardrobes that have a shoe for every occasion. The go-tos seem to be a dress shoe and white sneakers. We can adapt that! White sneakers are always a great staple, but a boot-style and a pair of heels will serve you in more special occasions.


Men’s wardrobes encourage us to have a nice pair of sunglasses, a watch, and collar stays. Women’s capsule wardrobes might also benefit from a nice pair of sunglasses and a watch. Some other accessories that might come in handy are a fashionable scarf and a pair of elegant earrings.

There are pros and cons of going minimal. On the positive side, when you have fewer choices, you can make a decision faster. Fewer clothes means less laundry, less money, and less thinking about what to wear (the greatest benefit of all. Are we right? Or are we right?). The cons are possible boredom with your wardrobe and not having as splashy of a personal style (not the case with Shop Skinnygirl’s fun yet versatile designs). 

There’s no harm in trying to curate a small capsule wardrobe for the days you just want quick and easy!