4 Benefits and Styles Of Skinnygirl Shaping Camisoles

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What’s a camisole? The word came from the early 19th-century Latin root word camisia which meant ‘shirt’ or ‘nightgown’. Today, it’s an undergarment for the upper body to provide coverage, or in the context of this blog, it is combined with compression to shape and smooth the body beneath other clothing. 

Shaping camisoles are probably not the first thing you think of when you think of shapewear, but these are amazing wardrobe staples that serve many purposes. Here are our top 4 benefits of getting a 2 pack for yourself, and which features will best serve your body type specifically!

Posture Support/Pain Relief

Forget shaping! If you have neck or back pain due to poor posture, a shaping cami can make you more psychologically aware of how you are carrying yourself and help you to correct an improper posture habit. It can also help you support a large chest that may be contributing to chronic slouching. Correcting your posture will reduce pain over time.

Ultra Smoothing: Tummy and Back

If back fat or tummy bulges are a concern, shaping camisoles are heroes at smoothing. The full coverage they offer your top half will make you look great beneath any top and bottom outfit. Tuck your camisole beneath your pants for the most natural look.

Camisoles with ‘seamless’ in the description can also be worn beneath dresses and jumpers.

Makes You Smaller

Due to the cavity of the stomach, compression shapewear that covers the tummy is the only kind of shapewear and area that can be made smaller. This is because your extra bits have the cavity of your stomach to go into, while other body parts’ extra bits have no room to go elsewhere (they instead, are only shaped).

Provides An Extra Layer

Camisoles provide a flattering layer beneath other tops. In some instances, it’s wonderful for your shaping camisole to be visible. For tops that are too low-cut, camisoles can provide cleavage coverage.

How To Buy

One of the greatest factors to consider when purchasing a set of shaping camisoles is the size of your bust. 

If you have a larger chest, we recommend purchasing a camisole without a shelf bra, so you can wear your own bra beneath it. Thicker straps will also provide you greater support and relieve your shoulders from stress, while wider straps will cover your bra straps, too.

If smaller chested, you might appreciate a built-in bra in your camisole. If you choose a seamless camisole, you can wear your own bra for a more pushed-up look.

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How To Care For Your Camis

Wash Instructions: Machine wash cold. Do not bleach. Tumble dry low. Do not iron.

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Life-Changing Product

I just purchased 3 of these cami's and they are best I've ever worn! Comfortable, shapes well, so affordable I can't say enough. This is the first skinny girl clothing I've bought, however, it won't be the last. I'm shopping now for jeans. :) Bethenny is the best! Thank you.

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The Best Tank Ever

I love these shaping tanks. I love the fit. I love the feel. I love the look. They are perfect.

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Did You Know?

If you have a rectangular body shape (bust, waist, and hip sizes measure similarly), then you can get away with wearing shaping camis as regular tank tops! If you enjoyed this article and want to learn more about which shapewear is best for your body type, you might also like our blog post,  'Shop Skinnygirl’s Ultimate Shapewear Guide’.