Bethenny Frankel This Week On Coronavirus

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Bethenny Frankel and her charitable organization, BStrong in partnership with Global Empowerment Mission, act fast to combat the devastation the coronavirus could cause by immediately assembling 20,000 “Coronavirus Prevention Kits”.

These kits include masks, gloves, antibacterial wipes and gel, and products for superior hydration. Trucks have already left to deliver supplies to those in need in Tennessee!

Global Empowerment Mission has a warehouse for emergency supplies, typically used to aid in natural disasters, but when Bethenny heard about children who would miss meals because of school closures, she decided Coronavirus fit the description of a natural disaster and decided to raise money for the cause. 

She’s already raised $63,000 in cash cards to put food in the homes of children who relied on free school lunches. 

Bethenny and 80,000 New York PTA moms are working to get this assistance throughout New York and then to 20-30 other states.

100% of donations to the organization go directly to aid efforts. Bethenny and both organizations plan on giving more in response to the Coronavirus, to which she said: “You got to build a rocket while flying it”.

Bethenny even made time this week to give CNBC her 5 best tips to those newly working from home:

  1. Limit your social media and news intake, so you get things done without distraction or inducing stress.
  2. Let your new environment invoke new thoughts and inspiration, especially for problems that have been persisting for some time.
  3. Work when your children do their homework.
  4. Know when to stop and make time for recuperation.
  5. Keep on going. “All roads lead to Rome”. If you keep on moving, you’ll get to where you’re going!