Be Your Own You Mother's Day 2021 Gift Guide

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Mother's Day

We found this great quote from Bethenny, “I feel most powerful when I’m with my daughter and I’m having quality time with her, loving time, connective time, when we are really connecting, not unlike when I’m connecting with other women, like in this room. But when I’m connecting with my daughter, I feel whole and centered.”

Because quality time and memories are the ultimate gifts Mothers and their children want, in honor of Mother’s Day this year, we’re putting together a simple gift guide full of ideas any Mother is sure to appreciate.

1. Flowers and Lunch

Flowers are a simple, classic gesture to show your Mother she’s special to you.

Studies show that flowers boost happiness and emotional health. It’s been discovered many times over in hospital settings, patients who received more flowers needed less pain killers than patients who received less.

Even the sight of specific colors can have an effect on our brains. Yellow is a common flower color for expressing adoration. The color immediately lifts the spirits.

Purple is an adventurous color that is sure to set the stage for a magical day. Blue and green floral arrangements promote tranquility and calmness. And countless other colors can add extra meaning to your floral arrangement as a gift.

Bring your Mother lunch or take her out.

2. A Be Your Own You Gift Card

Giving the gift of shopping is one way to say “Treat yourself, Mom. Buy yourself something nice.”. Any gift card she may like will do; however, Be Your Own You has an electronic gift card that is easy to gift, especially in a time crunch. Simply purchase one for $10, $25, $50, or $100 and receive your e-gift card via email, which you can forward to your Mother or print to give her in person.

Dress it up! If you’ve printed your Be Your Own You gift card, choose the perfect greeting card to put it in, make your own, or write her a thoughtful letter.

Be Your Own You Gift Card


3. A Car or On-The-Go Gift

Almost all Moms use their cars daily or are on-the-go in another manner. You can gift her a car wash package from a local fuel station, along with some car care accessories like air fresheners or a small makeup bag with travel size toiletries like hand sanitizer, lotion, kleenex, tweezers, bandages, a bottle of nail polish, and any other things you can imagine she’d use on the go.


4. Fun Fashion Tops

What mom wouldn't love a soft, comfortable, fashion t-shirt? Check out some of our new Spring prints.

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5. Spa Services

Manicures, pedicures, and facials are all great spa services to gift your Mother, especially if you think she’d enjoy your company when doing so. You can also make a gift basket of products you can use to have a spa night at home!