Be Your Own You's Back To School Checklist

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School Supplies

 We’ve got all kinds of women in our 60,000+ community at Be Your Own You and we don’t doubt many of you are preparing for a new year, whether you have children or not-

So in true Skinnygirl fashion, we’re giving you our sensible Be Your Own You Back-To-School Checklist. 

This checklist can nearly apply to anyone, but will definitely apply to moms and their teenage daughters as they prepare for another successful school year. 

Let’s address the back to school basics first. 

Sleep & Nutrition

Every Back-To-School checklist addresses sleep and nutrition first. That’s because we know that nourished bodies help our minds to flourish and learn. It’s best to begin practicing a bedtime and morning routine at least two weeks before the school year, but late is better than never!

Some supplies that may help your routines include:


Chamomile Tea - This mild and natural sleep aid is perfect to have around for the nights your adrenaline and excitement surrounding the new year is overwhelming. Try two tea bags per cup in ALMOST boiling water and journal your feelings. 

A Good Book -Unwinding screen-free is the best way to ease into your bedtime. A good book, especially fiction, will best prepare your mind for sleep. Bethenny Frankel has a New York Times Best Selling novel called Skinnydipping! She even has a children’s book called Cookie Meets Peanut. 

A Sleep Mask - A study by The National Sleep Foundation found that those who slept with eye masks vs. those that didn’t had their sleep patterns interrupted less frequently and experienced longer REM cycles that significantly benefit wearer’s physical and psychological well-being. The reason? Light pollution is a real thing! Our eyes need quality rest and rejuvenation from all the bright lights of the 21st century.


Snack Basket - A snack basket full of healthier, on-the-go options is a great tool for success (and punctuality!). In it, you can put protein shakes, granola bars, trail mix, and dried fruit. 

Other nutritious food items to keep stocked are easy breakfast options like muffins, oatmeal, and fresh fruit.

Emergency Preparedness Kit 

High school and momma emergency kits are that of a different kind. Have fun brainstorming with your children about what kind of “emergencies” may come up in daily life! Then, shop for a cute bag to keep all the items.

You might need:

  • A pack of gum or mints
  • Your preferred feminine products
  • A travel brush and hair ties
  • Tissues
  • Chapstick
  • Deodorant
  • A lint roller
  • Hand lotion and/or sanitizer 
  • A small pen and pad
  • Neosporin and bandaids
  • Cash

There are plenty of Back-To-School emergency kit ideas on Pinterest. You can also follow Be Your Own You on Pinterest here! 

Goal Supplies

You and the members of your house will have different goals this year, but needing supplies to make those goals a reality is something you share.

Some goals you may have this year include:

  • Sharing dinner as a family on a weekly basis
  • Being more involved in making sure your children’s homework is done and they are prepared for tests
  • Scheduling ME-Time

Some goals your children may have this year include:

  • Developing rewarding friendships with classmates
  • Staying organized and doing their best academically
  • Stepping outside their comfort zone by joining an extra-curricular activity

These goals will help you determine the things you might need to make these goals happen. 

Some Goal Supplies may include: 

  • A planner for your child and a wall calendar for you
  • Quick meal recipes and ingredients for dinners together
  • Index cards (to make flashcards, leave notes for one another, or make reminders for yourself)
  • Gift cards! (for your children, a gift card to a place to hang out that you approve of or for you, a gift card to the spa)
  • A cleared space and office/desk supplies for you and your children to have a place to work

Clothing Basics

We can’t stress the need for confidence to accomplish your goals enough! You know Be Your Own You wants you to embrace all your uniqueness! That’s why we make comfortable fashions for everybody; Every shape, every size, every woman. 

And you remember the importance of the first day of the school year OUTFIT! 

It had to perfectly embody your personality and deliver a message to everyone who laid eyes on it, ‘This is who I am! Wanna be friends?

Your school year wardrobe, moms and teenagers, should start with the basics: 

A Great Pair of Jeans

What’s your favorite style? Flare, crop, skinny, straight? Mid-rise or high-rise? Be Your Own You has got your size and a variety of styles for every woman (or teenager), whether you like dark or light washes, plain or detailed jeans. 

You may like our Best Sellers:

Or something a little more ‘Offbeat’:

  • A comfortable pair of shoes

  • A jean jacket to polish any outfit, whether you are wearing dresses or jeans. Be Your Own You always has great inventory of jackets.

    We think this Denim Crop Bomber Jacket - Valence captures the school spirit!

Bethenny Frankel wearing Denim Crop Bomber Jacket - Valence


New Underwear

Be Your Own You carries almost any underwear style you can think of, including shaping underwear but here are a few of our favorites: 



Beauty Essentials

Confidence can also be encouraged through self-care rituals and Be Your Own You has a lot of sensible beauty products that can help you have greater confidence. As they say, if you look good, you feel good and if you feel good, you do good!


Body Wash Bundle
Body Wash & Lotion Bundle

Perfectly PH balanced, this hand and body wash will remove dirt without stripping the skins natural oils.


3 in 1 Kids Product Bundle
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This Kids 3 in 1, Tear-Free formula has been developed specifically for babies and kids of all ages.  It is safe, gentle and enriched with goat’s milk, essential oils and plant-derived ingredients. Dermatologist tested!

Natural Body Oil

Sensual Body Oil

Re-energize the skin and body with a rich combination of sandalwood and lavender (stress-relieving), marjoram and mandarin (mood-enhancing and energizing), and sweet almond essential oils that contain vitamins A, B and C, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, as well as some natural SPF.

Natural Face Spritz

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This facial spritz is fast-acting to gently refresh, hydrate and tone your skin. It’s ideal for all skin types and can be applied over makeup!

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