5 Ways To Cope With Work-Related Stress

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As the new year approaches, those who are most likely to succeed in their New Year goals are most likely those starting to adjust their habits early.

Health Reboot With Bethenny

Bethenny is one determined and successful woman. Via her social media channels this summer, Bethenny wrote about a ‘Summer Reboot’ to get back on track after realizing she’d been in a funk. 

The Naturally Thin reality star and business mogul stated, “So even though I’m thin, I’m not in great shape because I really just do yoga whenever I can and beach walk. But I haven’t made being super healthy and feeling good and having a positive attitude about it a priority”.

This being National Health Education Week, we deemed it appropriate to discuss Bethenny’s health journey, yours, and how you can minimize work stress, a New Year resolution we can all use.

Bethenny Doing Yoga

Bethenny’s Health Journey

Before Bethenny Frankel was a reality TV star, she was a successful natural food chef. She graduated from the Natural Gourmet Culinary Institute of New York and launched a company called BethennyBakes, where she prepared baked goods and meals.

It was there that her love of guilt-free recipe reinventing began (and later became Skinnygirl cocktails and the Skinnygirl brand).

"I went to culinary school originally as a hobby," Bethenny explained. "I ended up liking it. I saw an opening in natural food — reinventing recipes and making them delicious."

She wasn’t always as balanced about food, exercise, and her body. A combination of an unhealthy family obsession with being thin, being made fun of at an early age about her body, and later, dealing with the pressures of the spotlight, caused her great strife for many years.

"I was obsessed with being thin," Bethenny said. "I didn't care about health."

A 2006 trip to Italy turned her mind toward a better direction. She realized that Italians ate what they wanted, with portion control and quality.

"The body is a bank account. Nothing should be forbidden. People are afraid of food. You can have it all, but you can't have it all at once."
- Bethenny Frankel

Managing Stress

Bethenny is currently making small adjustments to her diet and lifestyle, while acknowledging how big a role stress can play on your health.

According to Frankel, mothers shouldn’t attempt to do everything, saying “We’re doing the best we can. That’s all you can ever wish for.” Don’t take on too much. 

Here Are 5 Tips For Managing Work-Related Stress In The New Year:


Journaling is such a good first line of defense for anything challenging you in life. For work-related stress, we recommend starting a log at first. Jot down your stressors and key information around them when they happen, so you are more aware and prepared when the stressors begin to take place. 

Don’t forget to write down how you feel when these stressors occur and how you cope with them.

After you’ve uncovered your most common stressors. How can you best cope with the situations in healthier ways?

Bethenny brings up an excellent point about getting adequate sleep and avoiding alcohol when the stress is too much.

Build In Stress Reducers

Make time in your schedule for the things you know bring you joy. It may be getting outdoors, doing yoga, crafting, reading, or spending time with family.

Set Boundaries

Work has this funny tendency to spill over into all aspects of our lives. Reign it in, Skinnygirl! Maybe you determine your daily work-related goals each morning and tackle them first, so you aren’t working late. Or maybe you decide to add your hours of communication to email signatures, so you don’t feel pressure to check your email at all hours. Or maybe you simply say ‘no’ more often to things outside your job description.

Plan Time Off

Whether just a long weekend or full week off, having a planned vacation on the calendar can ease your mind. It’s important to value spending time on a regular basis that is not invaded by work or thoughts of work. Spending time away from your work will actually increase your passion and productivity when you return.

Prioritize Nutrition

The first 4 tips may be obvious, but proper nutrition during work or stress-related events often skates by our consciousness. During stressful periods in our life, time can fly by and when we look back, we may realize that our diet only consisted of coffee during that time. Having lunches prepared can make you feel like one less thing is outside of your control, a comfort. Nourishing your body is what Bethenny considers “mitigating damage” during stressful times and you can nourish your mind, too- with positive thinking. 

When asked how she deals with the big stuff, she gave this advice. 

  • “I mitigate damages”
  • “I really value sleep more than most things…”
  • She chooses to think, “Let me try to make something positive out of this. Let me try to eat really healthy because I know that I’ll be laying in bed.”
  • “Let me make this not the time that I do what I would like to do, which is like, go out and like, live in a bottle of vodka.”

What is your main New Year resolution? How can you start making small adjustments toward your goal early? Let us know in the comments!