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    Be Your Own You Inspiration — how to support a friend

    Supporting Your Friends in Time of Need

    Supporting Your Friends in Time of Need

    Friends are one of the best gift in the life. If one has a true friend, you are really VERY lucky! Making a hundred friends is not a miracle. The miracle is to make a single friend who will stand by your side even when hundreds are against you. There are so many amazing moments we spent with our friends.

    Like any relationship, sometimes friendships require work.

    Maybe you have a friend going through a tough time. Bullying, self esteem, losing a loved one – we all hit hard times at some point and can’t always face these things along. 

    They might be in a rut emotionally or physically, but when challenges in life arise, that’s when friends are really needed.

    You may not best know how to support a friend, if you can’t relate but here are a few ideas, no matter what they may be going through:

    1. ASK – Find out how you can help them through this time of need. This way, you are giving them the option to allow you to help them.

    2. TELL – Let them know you’re thinking about them with a visit, text, or call out of the blue. Think of what you would want from your friends if you were in their shoes!

    3. GIVE – Maybe it’s a small gesture like baking cookies, or a warm hug. A supportive smile or a hug makes your friend feel that they are not alone to go through the problem and they feel that you are really there for them.

    4. LISTEN – Hear what they are saying and not just at face value. Hear their problem completely, and communicate with them with simple phrases like “would you like to share what happened with you” or “I think there is some problem, please feel free to tell me, I am here for you to listen”. Sometimes your friend doesn’t want advice, and they just want someone trustworthy to listen them so that they can express what’s on their mind.

    Sometimes your friend might need to be alone, but don’t let them FEEL alone. There is a difference. Encourage them to go out and meet people, or to spend time with friends and family. 

    They too may need to reach out to others, and ask for support. Sometimes distractions can be good, while other times it’s great to discuss the source head-on.

    Knowing how to support a friend is an amazing art you will use throughout your life and is an important part of friendship. Supporting a friend going through tough time is tricky. Try to go in flashback and remember your difficult times and how your friends and family supported or helped you. Or maybe how you wish you were supported. Putting yourself in their shoes will give you a clue how to support a friend who really needs you in their difficult time and they will surely be there for you when you need them the most too!