Cameron Diaz Is A True Example Of Being Your Own You

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We LOVE this video from Cameron Diaz, who is a true example of being your own you. Cameron is true to herself, and her fans, and encourages them to come from a place of authenticity.

Cameron explains the difference between being famous for the right and wrong reasons, and does so very eloquently. What an awesome role model!

Check it out here:

We especially appreciated just how transparent Cameron came across to her fans, from her thought-provoking words to the super up-close-and-very-personal angle of the camera. To us at BYOU, that said “this is me, and I’m a normal person just like you.”

We live in a world in which celebrities are idolized, often times for the wrong reasons. Fame and fortune are broadcasted on social media, leading to a distorted perception of what it truly means to be a renown actor, singer, etc. Sometimes fans forget that they are real people too, and that they’re just like us.

So like Cameron, we encourage you not to be perfect, but to be perfectly you.

Be yourself!

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