How to Love Yourself

How to love yourself self love

You hear it all the time, that you should love yourself, no matter who you are, how you act, what you look like, where you grew up, etc.
But do you really know how important it is to love yourself? If you can’t love yourself first, then who will love you more than YOU do? Loving yourself will give you confidence to face the world boldly.

We know it can be hard sometimes. We can be so tough on ourselves, but have you ever tried sitting down and making a list of your strong points? Or how about the things you are simply grateful for?

One of our fans compared self-love to playing a sport, reading books, or playing an instrument. Basically anything that takes time! If you keep practicing, you become great in that particular skill, and it completely changes your life.

Some people make loving themselves look easy, but sometimes it is very tricky to know how to love yourself, or just to remember to do so. Here are few tips that will help to make this a habit:

1. Don’t Compare
It’s not fair to compare yourself with others, because no two people are the same! Just concentrate on YOU and being the best you can be. Everyone has to start somewhere, so give a hundred percent, and that alone will make you feel the best about yourself. Track YOUR improvements, not how you think you measure up to others.

2. Be Communicative
Sometimes the best way to achieve a goal or habit is to tell others about it, so they hold us accountable. Share you desires to learn to fully love yourself with friends and family. Chances
are, they will support you 100%, and who knows – maybe you will inspire them to do the same!

3. Be Giving
Ever heard the term “over deliver”? Or maybe you have a friend who is more generous than most? Being thoughtful and giving to others can actually make YOU feel better about yourself too. What’s more, don’t expect anything in return but that feeling that you are making the world a better place. In turn, you’ll receive more compliments and feel more love. Then the key is to ACCEPT and BELIEVE those compliments! That brings us to the next tip…

4. Accept It!
When someone pays you a compliment, say “thank you”, instead of deflecting and disagreeing or downplaying your accomplishments and positive attributes.

5. Know Your Strengths
Make a list of the things you want to work on, and practice those everyday. Then make a list of the things that make you happy, and another list of the things you are GREAT at. They can be little things like hugging, cleaning, school, running, etc. Maybe its your hair or the color you picked to paint your toenails! By doing this, we think you’ll find a few things that you love about yourself!

The above are few tips you can start practicing daily and you will surely learn the art of how to
love yourself, completely. And you should, because you are LOVEABLE just the way you are and it’s time to know it and believe it!

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