A Girl’s Guide to Relieving Stress

A Girl’s Guide to Relieving Stress Relieving Stress Stress

Stress is a very common problem for girls and women no matter what age you are!

Both childhood and adulthood should be for an upbeat life and to have fun, but in this present world kids experiences a lot of stress due to so many factors. There are so many factors that can cause stress in kids like school assignments, sports events, sustaining friendships, over-expectations from their parents or teachers. Here are few physical and emotional symptoms which can commonly be found in a kid going through stress:

• Headaches
• Bad Dreams
• Crying for no reason
• Not interested in taking parts in fun activities

And the list goes on!

Sometimes the people we are closest to may have stress in their own lives, and in turn, ours. Stress can come from oh so many places!

So here are a few tips that can help with relieving stress at any age:

• Surround yourself with the people you trust, that accept and respect you as you are.
• Physical activities like regular exercise and outdoor sports reduces stress quickly!
• Give yourself time to be alone, think, write, and enjoy hobbies and activities.
• Spend time with the people you care about, listen and ask questions and share!
• Don’t be critical or judgmental of others or yourself.

Always remember that nobody is completely perfect in this world, just do your best! Got any tips for relieving stress? Feel free to share them below!

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  • Joanna on

    My brother taught me to do “Four 4’s”

    Breathe in slow 4 seconds
    Hold it for 4 seconds
    Breathe out 4 more seconds
    Hold for 4 seconds

    And repeat 4 times :)

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