Extra Dose of "Patience"


This week I want to challenge all of my ambitious, driven, humbled and BEYOU-tiful young girls, teens and women reading this blog to include an extra dose of "patience" into your agenda. I know, I know, it is easier said than done but seriously, what worth anything comes easy?

See, when including patience into your day-to-day living, it tends to allow you time for strategic thinking and completely evaluating a situation. So easily do people jump to conclusions, assume and thoughts wander all over the place when they don't receive information or responses immediately. When adopting patience into your lifestyle, you tend to be okay with waiting until things calm down, putting you in a better position to analyze a situation or scenario a bit more logically.

We are living in a “now” culture. We have grown increasingly impatient expecting to have everything immediately, from information to relationships. We are not expecting to change the world overnight or even pressure anybody to do anything, all we can do is suggest and provide alternative avenues routes to your destination.

After doing a bit of research on how beneficial patience is to ones life, I found a few quite interesting advantages of patience that I thought you guys would like to know about.

  1. Character Development. Growth takes time, being patient develops us in a way nothing else can. We learn to master our impulses and responses when we develop a character of patience. We keep the long term in full view to avoid quick, short-sighted, short-term decisions.
  2. Skill Development. Especially in the area of skills, patience is an absolute must. When you think of Musicians, they have to practice and rehearse over and over and over again. They are very patient with their craft, may be irritating at times and frustrating but they don't give up on practicing and dedicating time to perfect their craft. When you are patient you're able to acquire more.
  3. Self awareness. Others can often see something about us that we are unable to see ourselves. Others can see what’s making us successful and what’s not, before we can see it ourselves. And once we have an awareness, it takes time to make changes. That’s why the most successful executives hire coaches. Coaches ask the powerful questions and offer the insightful observations that empower and equip you to move forward. Self-awareness is a process that takes time and patience.
  4. Building relationships. Authentic relationships take time and patience to grow and develop the strong bonds that withstand the test of time. It can’t be rushed. The more time you invest in a relationship, the more you discover about others and yourself. The same is true of personal and professional relationships alike.
  5. Developing the future. It takes patience to teach others and pass on a legacy. It’s why we have our children with us for eighteen years. Those eighteen years are to guide, nurture, develop and prepare the next generation of leaders. The same is true in professional relationships as well. When you take the time to be patient and teach others, you’re investing in the future; whether it’s your subordinates, peers, kids or a friend. You’re making the world a better place by sharing your knowledge in a tangible way. The pay-off is exponential as they in turn, develop others after them. Leaders develop more leaders.
  6. Prevents pre-mature growth. Premature growth isn’t sustainable. We need a strong foundation to support our growth, and that comes from the patience to build well from the beginning.
  7. Wisdom. Wisdom is a culmination of knowledge and experience and that must be earned through patience and growth. Talk with anyone who has been to a few rodeos and they will give you a list of what they would do differently if they had to do it all over again. That’s wisdom and it doesn’t come in a google search.
We hope this blog was more than just a bunch of words to you. Every week, EVERY Monday we will be sharing with you some thought provoking concepts that will potentially spark some thoughts that will further you in your goals and aspirations. Remember, NOTHING WORTH ANYTHING IS EASY, but ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

I have a question for all of our readers…
In which area of your life do you have the most patience? Which area do you lack patience?
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  • Heather on

    I briefly read this before hearing back from a company that I wasn’t selected for a recent position I applied for. I was incredibly bummed, but looking back on this message and thoroughly reading it I’m convinced that God uses this to remind me to wait on Him and be “still”…be patient in the waiting and seeking. I’ve learned through mistakes in my impatience what undesirable results come when we don’t stop to think things through or make rash decisions when anxiety heightens.
    Encouragement to be patient and wait for the right doors to open, and pray when to open and close doors for our future. This virtue slows down everything around us so we can gain insight and step in the right direction at the appointed time.
    Thanks for your message as it stands as a reminder for me that good things with perseverance. Need more patience in my life! :)

  • Kiara on

    I must say the most patience I have is life in general. You are a living proof of patience!! And I strive to be that everyday. No matter what life throws at you, we are confident that GOD HAS US!. Every rock in the road is for a reason…for growth and testing our patience. So anything thrown at me i always say “I got this” aND “I’ma be alright.”

    But theres always something someone has least patience for….I have all the patience for what God and I can control…but not when it’s relied on others. I have the least patience with the “I say but can’t do” people. And it’s my ONLY area I will lose patience quick. Not waiting on another, or depending on another to be there for me even though I am for them. Greatness comes from within and if everyone has faith in themselves and God. . We will all be alright…no matter how long it takes.

    Very good read as usual

    Always be You.yall and never let anything or anyone take it from you

  • Jen.M on

    Pretty patient on “not getting mad” that does count? Hehehe :) … I’m definitely impatient on “getting new gadgets”.

    Luv “BEYOU-tiful” :)

  • Jennifer Clark (Gentle) on

    I have the most patience with my girlfriends. I have the least patience with my two youngest children.

    I like to call patience ‘holding loving space’ to remind myself to remove judgment.

    Tonight during dinner my 6-year-old daughter consistently ignored my requests to sit with us and continuously played the role of instigator. I wasn’t patient and sent her to her room. When I checked on her she was asleep. Awhile later she got up to apologize and I still did not hold loving space for her. After thinking about my responses I asked her why she wants mommy to feel mad. She told me because she wants me to have fun with her. I thanked her for sharing that with me and said I would have fun with her tomorrow. I asked her if she knew what that looked like. She said no. I told her I would look at her, listen to her, smile with her, laugh with her, and participate in her wants.

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