Be Beautiful BYOU!

It's okay to have insecurities...

It's just the way you deal with them that really matters.
We ALL have parts of ourselves that we are insecure about but it is this combination of "imperfections" that makes you YOU! You are beautiful exactly the way you are, FLAWS AND ALL!

About Our Brand

BYOU - Be Your Own You is a self-esteem lifestyle brand empowering girls and women to LOVE & BE THEMSELVES.

BYOU was formed in July of 2010 with the sole purpose of creating a self-esteem lifestyle brand focused solely on instilling positive self-esteem and self-image in young girls and women.

 Our vision is to build a self-esteem lifestyle brand that becomes a household name driving awareness to the issues around self-esteem and women’s empowerment.

Our mission is to build the self-esteem of girls worldwide by encouraging them to embrace their unique and authentic self, diminish the need for them to seek external validation and approval. Through our products and education, we empower girls and women to make positive choices for their health, safety, well-being, personal happiness, and contribution to society.