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Turning Your Dreams into Reality

When was the last time you did something for the first time?  How about the last time you 
participated in an activity that not only broadened your perspective, but also gave you a boost of motivation?

So often we get caught up in work, school and other obligations that we fail to shine light on our more creative, social side.  We tend to put our dreams on the back-burner, allowing them to get so far buried that it is hard to dig back up.  Parents, especially, get overwhelmed in the day-to-day routine in attempt to keep the home balanced that they abandon their avocations.

We, here at Be Your Own You challenge you to get out a sheet a paper immediately after you read this blog and simply make a list of all the things that you want to do, places you would like to go and adventures that you have not yet had the chance to experience.  After you pinpoint these activities, lets begin to brainstorm what steps would need to be taken in order to move forward in making these dreams A REALITY. 

Lets begin visualizing our dreams. It is time to create a Vision Board!

This can be a family event that not only can be viewed as leisure within itself, it will also 
provide each and every person participating a better view on their future endeavors and how to attain them. Mom and Dad, you can do it right along with your children. Teaching kids how to set goals and getting them to learn the importance of goal-setting can be a very beneficial tool to help them throughout life. 

Creating Vision Boards - turning goal-setting into a fun, visual activity!

There are many perks from incorporating leisure time into your day - to - day routine.  Leisure gives you an opportunity to examine personal values and to focus on what is important to you. 

Leisure is a relief from stress and boredom. It can help promote not only better emotional health but physical health as well.

What are the top 3 things on your list?
Please comment below with your goals and aspirations!  What is the FIRST three things you will be including onto your Vision Board?

Shamera Reid


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November 04, 2015

1) spend more time in Gods presence
2) grow in music and leadership
3) invest and grow my business

Raven Douglass

November 02, 2015

1. Smile more.
2. Love harder and forgive.
3. Make time for myself. Tending to everything and everyone else can take a toll on you.

Bridget Johnson

November 02, 2015

Love the idea of making a vision board. I’m going to get started on one RIGHT NOW!!

1. To send positive vibes in my city (Paris, Tx)
2. Go back to school
3. To take advantage of Dream trips, this gives me another opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and to become more socialable


November 02, 2015

This amazing because its something I talk about and struggle with everyday.definitely something I needed to read! I have always wanted to make a vision board and never thought to have my Lil man make one too. I have so many visions and goals but short term is:

1. Graduate
2. Make time for my son aside from work and school (planning weekly or biweekly QT/future trips
3. Continue to work towards peace and happiness for my family and I

Congrats! You are definitely where you need to be! Such an amazing and inspirational person. YOU MOTIVATE ME!

Rosalvina Estrada

November 02, 2015

1. Making a healthy lifestyle change; eating healthier, exercising, stop putting junk in my body.
2. Traveling more often; life is too short to stay in just one place all year, thinking maybe 1 to 2 international destinations a year
3. Go back to school; I’d love to go back to school and get the necessary certifications to open my own day care, and be successful doing what I love.(helping kids grow mentally and as beings in general).

Tara Nichole

November 02, 2015

1) putting all my tools to use to aid in my financial freedom, and in turn, improve the quality of life of friends, family, and deserving strangers … Mucho care packages abound!
2) discipline to self care regime
3) a cozy, productive, proactive life in music
*all at the same time :o)


November 02, 2015

Hey Shamera congrats on all your up and coming endeavors!! We need more people in the world like you… You are encouraging me to read because I had fallen away from that thank you!!!

Renee Vasquez

November 02, 2015

Just did a vision board! Great idea!

Le'Victoria Thomas

November 02, 2015

I have a vision board up in my living room now and I couldn’t agree more; VISION BOARDS ARE THE COOLEST!
1.Receive straight A’s in college this semester.
2. Volunteer more in my community and others.
3.Start saving and organizing for the creation of a non-profit.


November 02, 2015 back to the community,share information help others become self sufficient and help the elderly and homeless.

2.going to business conventions meet new people who want to inspire the world,join campaigns that try to better families try new trafitions. up my ecommercebclothing store and send infornation to help someone along the way, give interns to helpout anyone who comes needs that push and continue to let people know ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE JUST BELIEVE

Audrey Ruiz

November 02, 2015

1. Get back to serving food at the salvation army
2. Being part of community projects
3. Donating time to the elderly at the local retirement home.

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